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9.11.14 -



Images from two different Polaroid series will be included in “Flannel and Glitter” which opens September 13th at Romani Gallery in Austin, Texas.

Please note that my photographs will hang alongside the work of Phyllis Diller, Bruce LaBruce, and practically every contestant of Ru Paul's Drag Race. Look at this little splurb on The Advocate !

8.26.14 -


Your favorite beauty and lifestyle collective, FCKNLZ, participated in a mini residency last weekend at the ACE Hotel.

Peep this write up about the project on Cool Hunting. There will be an event on September 7th showcasing each participating collective's work.

7.24.14 -

This music video has been steeping in the vault since last Summer. Take a dip in some Tropical Depression.

Check out more music by Banner and Floats.

6.12.14 -

Just in time for Summer, here's a video editorial I edited for Erez Sabag. In 2015, I predict paying our bills will always be this fun. Check out the EDITING department for more fashion work.

6.2.14 -


calder_fcknlz03 calder_fcknlz02

FCKNLZ for the Calder Foundation!

On 1 June 2014, the Calder Foundation invited a small group of artists to respond to the theme of “transformation” by activating a vacant Manhattan building through installations, performances, and social interventions.
“Transformations” featured Itzhak Beery, Alejandro Guzman, Takashi Horisaki and Nina Horisaki-Christens, Lauren Silberman, EL TRYPTOPHAN, and the artist collaborative FCKNLZ.

Photos by
Andy Jordan.

5.13.14 -

I contributed a video to Psychic TV's “Dreams Less Sweet” which screens at BAM today.

4.20.14 -

Happy Easter Glamour dear bunnies!

Easter Glamour Portrait Studio, 2009 - 2012

3.12.14 -

My video, “Chamomile, To Help with Sleep” will screen in London at the British Film Institute's Flare Film Festival on March 29th. Tickets HERE.

12.15.13 -

Several of my Polaroids are included in The Polaroid Years which opens this week at The Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, Florida. If you are planning to hit the beach this Winter, the show is up through the end of March, 2014.

12.5.13 -

In November 2012, FCKNLZ re-created the legendary appearances of 90's club kids on TV talk shows such as Donahue and Geraldo in front of a live studio audience in The Museum of Arts and Design Theater, NYC.

In 2013, the never before aired episode of “The Toni Bernice Show” debuted at The Museum of Arts and Design to celebrate the new book The Fun: The Social Practice of Nightlife in NYC.

Check out the VIDEO department to view additional work FCKNLZ did during our Museum of Arts and Design fellowship.

12.1.13 -

Last month I made my first zine for a fundraising event at Franklin Street Works.

Treasure and Purge is an activity book for my little brother for his 33rd birthday. Happy Birthday TIM! xxx

11.14.13 -

Tomorrow at the NYC Mix Film Festival - “Gnostic Trance,” a beautiful video program curated by Micki Pellerano will screen. I'm very proud to be in the company of such inspiring artists and friends. 11pm

11.6.13 -

It's a busy week for FCKNLZ as we celebrate Club Kid Herstory Month and the release of The Museum of Arts and Design's book, The Fun: The Social Practice of Nightlife in NYC.

FCKNLZ is a beauty and lifestyle collective specializing in mistakes. Please join us this week at the Museum of Arts and Design and come have a drink with us next week at The Ace Hotel!

Tuesday, November 5th - FCKNLZ Dj at The Ace Hotel 8pm-12am
Friday, November 8th - Keynote: Patricia Field followed by “FCKNLZ on Broadway” Screening and Book Launch - 7pm
Saturday, November 9th - “The Pleasure Ritual” panel discussion - 11am
Tuesday, November 12th - FCKNLZ Dj at The Ace Hotel 8pm-12am

10.1.13 -

Tropical Depression performed their first and last show before you were born. Puff, puff, pass around the liliquoi colored glasses. Why yes, I'd fucking LOVE to tour with the band. One thousand times faster than dial up, abalone gibbous moon, rehearsing pineapples as pixels, singing computer fern songs at the sun. I won't pretend this trip will only be about the songs. After time, the shadows usually creep away.

Emoticon for peacock roadblock. We are just terrible at predicting the end. And now an attempt at plan be. What can we learn while we make ourselves busy without you? How many times around the rainbow before this DVD stops skipping? So easily we slip back into less than standard definition cloudscapes and a cesium of the sea buffet. Albert Hoffman jumped on his bike and rode away. Should I try closing my third eye in peace, or walking ten pitch dark miles up the jungle coast? Our Behind the Music episode sighs, “I just wish something real would happen.”

Tropical Depression doesn't do encores. Isolated evolution is responsible for these graceful birds with no fear. I'm going to continue island hoping, exotic specimen collecting. Paradise nostalgia! Apocalypse forever!... or, is it the other way around? Mahalo for your patience.

[“Tropical Depression” was photographed in the Hawaiian Islands during the apocalypse holiday season of 2012/13. Additional experiments and manipulations occurred in Brooklyn, New York, 2013]

Check out the new series in the POLAROID department.

9.19.13 -

The Book Fair opens this evening at PS1 and runs through the weekend. I made an edition of a project called “Google Therapy” for LTO's presentation MAD-LIB[rary] Vol. 4. Go check it out! Make your own book! Don't boss me.

9.10.13 -

If you like electricity, you LOVE... “NUCLEAR BONDS,” my show at Superchief opens September 26th!!!

The show will focus on figural and collaboratively inspired works created over the last five or so years. I want to thank all the people who have worked and played with me and supported me creatively, whose images, energies, and performances will be featured in this show:

Debbie Attias, Xavier Ames, Ryan Blomberg, Brian Belukha, Max Bernstein, Agnes Bolt, Josh Bousel, Travis Boyer, Richard Bradley, Brenda Buck, Anna Callner, Sebastian Cheron, Weston Clay, Cameron Cooper, Hunter Cressman, Autumn Costner, Bruno Covellio, Gabriel Defazio, Yannick Desranleau, Raja Feather Kelly, Jay Fox, Shannon Funchess, Alessandra Genovese, Brian Gibson, Jon Grenon, Philip Guichard, Anne Hall, Kelsey Hall, Andrew Harmon, Nancy de Holl, Christian Holstad, Scott Hug, Jordan Isadore, Andrew Jordan, JOFF, Jonas Jonasson, Alexander Kargaltsev, Yvonne Kodl, Shepherd Laughlin, Bruno Levy, Jan Ludert, Michael Magnan, Murphy Maxwell, Timothy Ryan Mendenhall, Icky Mikki, J. Morrison, Wesley O'Meara, David Orton, Janie Paulson, Destiny Pierce, Derek Piotr, Stina Puotinen, Charlie Quiroz, Rogelio Ramos, Daniel Reich, Kristin Resurrecction, David Riley, Joe Roumeliotis, Johnny Sagan, Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff, Patrik Sandberg, Nick Schiarizzi, Robert Sumrell, Matthew Rogers, Helen Schumacher, Stina Puotinen, Kevin Saunders, Shabd Simon-Alexander, Louis Terline, Tracy Stewart, George Venson, Eleni Vlahkis, David Worth, and Emma Zurer

8.23.13 -

Tomorrow I'll be showing brand new photos and video in a group show curated by Emily Kloppenburg. There will be afternoon drinking and a video lounge. Please do come.

8.20.13 -

I've updated the “Airlines” and “Something Old, Something New” sections in the POLAROID departement.

7.30.13 -

Should we finally take that trip together?

Several sky and plane images I've made dress the front and back cover of James Robertson's “The Professor of Truth,” published by Penguin UK.

Check out some more aerial photos in the ongoing Polaroid section - AIRLINES

7.26.13 -

“So you need some air. Get your head in the clouds, and catch some wind beneath your feet. When's the last time you were lifted up by light? We come from water. Let it shape your silhouette. You are your breath. Be the vessel. Crash, flow, accommodate.”

I have a series of prints, “Doctrine of Signatures” available at the brand new site, Visura Exchange. The site debuted today. Go visit and order something. Live with artwork!

Visura Exchange's mission is to provide a platform to support the production and distribution of self-published books and unique projects by photographers worldwide. The site introduces art lovers to collectable works crafted by a curated group of contemporary artists working in art and documentary photography. Of equal importance, the project enables photographers to reach potential art patrons.”

7.25.13 -

I made a video short about witches, cults, and directional super powers that will premiere tomorrow, Friday, July 26th at the Warhol Museum as part of the collective film project Psychic TV: Dreams Less Sweet.

6.25.13 -

The music video I directed for Mood Rings premiered today on Bullett Magazine.

Mood Rings - “The Line”

Directed by Grant Worth
Director of Photography - Isaac Rosenthal
Gaffer/1st Assistant Camera - John Kesl
Stylist - Felipe Vasquez
Garments worn by Will Fussell - ØDD
Jewelry designed by Brooklyn Smithy
Edited by Grant Worth

Hands: Max Bernstein, Hunter Cressman, Kelsey Hall, Rachel Pagillo, Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff, Lily Roche, Felipe Vasquez

6.5.13 -

There is an article about me and some of my Polaroid work in the first issues of the beautiful “Osmos Magazine.”